The Maintenance Mechanic is an hourly position, reporting to the Maintenance Leader. The MM operates and maintains all mechanical and mechanically related equipment and performs general maintenance to equipment and maintenance related equipment associated with the plant operations and production equipment/processes. Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Live the companies Safety Stand and meet all quarterly safety requirements. Participate in the safety, quality, TPM and good housekeeping programs as established within the plant; including but not limited to Kaizen, Central Safety Committee, etc. Perform job tasks in a manner to reduce an adverse impact to the environment and adhere to the environmental regulations and recycling procedures for waste disposal. Comply with all plant rules, safety regulations and job hazard analysis (JHA) requirements. Perform work tasks from SAP generated work descriptions and orders. Prepare the work site prior to performance of work and clean the area after work is completed. Rig ladders and scaffolding necessary to accomplish assigned work. Perform mechanical and automotive welding and sheet metal work of a primary or secondary skill level using tools of the respective trades. Perform incidental pipefitting work, as required. Participate in the preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Perform maintenance on individual production and process control equipment and systems. Perform maintenance on pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. Work with engineering drawings, electrical diagrams, simple and complex sketches, other related documents and verbal field instructions needed to perform assigned duties. Maintain storeroom mechanical supplies and repair parts through identification of items that need stocked, maintain adequate part descriptions, identify minimum/maximum quantities, and identify equipment parts that need added. Perform work using precision machine and measuring instrument to produce parts within specified tolerances. Perform incidental electrical work associated with the removal, repair, and installation of mechanical systems/equipment. Complete records and reports as required by the nature of the job. Monitor and/or coordinate special programs as directed. Provide relief to positions of prior qualification, as required. Perform cleanup duties (including, but not limited to, equipment areas, workstations, etc.). Perform other related duties consistent with the nature of this position, as directed by the Maintenance Team Leader. Skills and Abilities The employee should hold the following abilities: Must be able to read, write, and speak English Must be able to understand verbal and written instructions Must possess strong communication and organizational skills Must have the ability to multi-task Must have strong internal and external customer service skills Must work well in a team environment Must be self-motivated to work independently and meet targets Must have to ability to do basic mathematical calculations Must be able to secure and maintain job related qualifications and certifications as required by the nature of this position Computer and Software Competencies The employee must be able to: Operate a computer or other keyboard instruments General knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite Utilize SAP for data entry and reporting Education and/or Experience The employee should have the following: Must be 18 years or older Minimum high school diploma or equivalent is required Must be a US citizen or have the right to work in the US Must be drug and alcohol free Three years Mechanical Maintenance experience in an industrial environment Two year Associate degree in Industrial Mechanical Maintenance is a plus but not required. Additional Required Training All annual safety and role specific training, as required by the nature of this position Training and Qualification packet must be completed successfully Must be